Battleship film SS 43

The alien battleships are nicknamed "Stingers" behind the scenes but not mentioned in the movie are a type of alien vessel used by the alien Regents. Three of them make up the majority of the aliens' five ship scout fleet that landed on Earth, the other two ships were the Mothership and the communications ship. 

Weapons and abilitiesEdit

The Stingers were advanced battleships that are capable of interstellar space travel but specifically designed to be used in water. Their movements are inspired by various sea creatures as compared to the human battleships that glide and cut through the water. When in the water, they use water as means of propulsion using multiple suction hoses dangling beneath its body to suck in water which is somehow used to power it through the water and they are sometimes seen to exhale water out of vents presumably as waste energy. While the three Stingers look identical at first, they actually have a few differences. The sidelights of the Stingers are different colors, one is red, another is blue, and the other one is green. The Stingers's primary weaponry is consisted of a giant explosive peg like ordnance fired from turrets that are on the top of the ship's hull. The peg weaponry is somewhat inspired by the actual pegs used in the Battleship board game to designate a hit or a miss. The pegs can be fired at long distances and they spike into an enemy ship, embed itself within the hull and after a few second delay, they explode causing massive damage, though the pegs can be intercepted in midair with well-placed machine gun. In one scene, the Red Stinger was shown to possess a second weapon, a sonic blast cannon mounted beneath its nose. In this scene, the Red Stinger uses it to respond to the foghorn sounded off by the human warships. Blue-colored energy builds up and a loud high pitched sound is pulsed outwards which was loud enough to shatter the bridge windows on all three human warships and forced all the humans to cover their ears. The Stingers also appear as enemy vessels in the Battleship video game. They are one of the more tougher rare enemies in the game and second only to the Mothership. Their weaponry is slightly different compared to the movie. They are armed with two peg launchers on the top of its hull and if a Stinger controls a support square, the Mothership will launch three shredder-drones to attack the target on the land.