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Three of them make up the majority of the bees' five-ship scout fleet that landed . but one was destroyed during their arrival on Earth. 


The Stingers were advanced battleships that were capable of interstellar space travel but specifically designed to be used on water. Their movements are inspired by various sea creatures as compared to the human warships that glide and cut through the water. When in the water, they use water as a means of propulsion, using multiple suction hoses dangling beneath their bodies to suck in water, which is somehow used to power them through the water, and they are sometimes seen exhaling water out of vents, presumably as a waste of energy. While the three stingers look identical at first, they actually have a few differences. The sidelights of the Stingers are different colors; one is red, another is blue, and the other one is green. And another one is presumed to be yellow and was part of the five-ship scout fleet that was destroyed after hitting a human satellite separating from the fleet. Thus, it crashed on the way to Hong Kong. The Stingers' primary weaponry consists of giant explosive pegs, like ordnance, fired from turrets that are on the top of the ship's hull.

The penetration weaponry is somewhat inspired by the actual pegs used in the Battleship board game to designate a hit or a miss.

Blue-colored energy builds up and a loud, high-pitched sound is pulsed outwards, which was loud enough to shatter the bridge windows on all three human warships and force all the humans to cover their ears.

Each stinger seen in the film represents a human ship class in the battleship board game . The Mothership is based on the Carrier, the Archer and the Striker represent the Battleship unit, the Skimmer is the Destroyer and the Lurker is the Submarine of the game.

The stingers are made out of unknown metal alloys and other materials, though some elements in their hull appear being very similar to lawrencium. The targeting system is completely autonomous and consists of a friend-or-foe identification system that can also highlight a specific target and give specific information on it or engage multiple targets and then shoot simultaneously at each of them, eliminating larger quantities of opposers much faster.

To serve this purpose, the armaments are strategically located in various points of the stingers, and even though the only weapon used in the film is the peg launcher, they also feature seeker missile launchers, torpedo launchers, laser-based ballistic missile launchers, plasma cannons, curved-trajectory plasma cannons, side-mounted turrets and paralyzing peg launchers. All these weapons guarantee powerful firepower, for both attack and defense.

More Information[]
  • The regent stingers seem to bear inscriptions and identification marks in garenonian language, painted on the hull with the color of the ship's lights. While it's unknown what these letters mean, it's possible that they are the names of the ships, or maybe just serial numbers.