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The Archer as it appears in the game

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The Archer in the enemy info screen.

The Archer is a type of garenonian vessel featured in the battleship movie and video game.

In the Game:[]

Archers are alien submarines and one of the two types in the game. The Archers are the strongest of the alien submarines, and they are armed with 4 explosive peg launchers, 2 long-range plasma cannons, and they can launch immobilizing stun pegs to slow down the player on land, making them more vunerable to attack if an Archer controls a support square.

In the Movie:[]

The Archer appears in the movie as the alien ship with green lights. It was destroyed along with the Skimmer during the attack on the USS John Paul Johnes at night, when both the ships fell in the trap of the NORA tsunami relevation floats. Along the hull of the ship are various complements, similar to claws, whose function is not clear, but which presumably serve for ramming while on the sides of the muzzle are two long, slender jaws, presumably two plasma cannons.  


  • The Archer is the only regent ship to have rear-folded wings and a darker armor color compared to the ironic grey armor of the other 4 ships.