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Battleship box art
Double Helix Games (PS3, Xbox 360), Magic Pockets (Wii, DS, 3DS)
Playstation 3, Xboc 360, Wii, Nintendo DS/3DS
Release dates

May 15, 2012 (NA), April 20, 2012 (EU)

Battleship is the name of two video games based on the 2012 film of the same name. It was published by Activision. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions are developed by Double Helix Games, while the Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS versions are developed by Magic Pockets. It was released on April 20, 2012 in Europe and May 15, 2012 in North America.


The official site describes the following features:

  • Action-Packed Gameplay:

Secure the sea with ship-to-ship battles, artillery strikes and radar sweeps. Face hazards across land, sea and air—this won’t be your typical RIMPAC exercise!

  • “Spectacle at Sea” Tactical Battle Command:

Take real-time control of naval units as you strategize a map-wide plan of attack by directing your fleet. Without your naval units, you won’t make it out of this!

  • Upgradable & Customizable:

You are in total command! Fend off alien foes throughout the game with badass weapons and upgradable naval units, all with specialty attacks and attributes.

  • “War on the Shore” Battling:

Storm the shores to battle aliens in epic first-person action with an arsenal of military and alien weapons.

Xbox/PlayStation 3 Versions[]


Default weapons
9MM pistol Deals decent damage at close range, ineffective at long range
Carbine Deals decent damage at close and medium range.
Shotgun Deals major damage to enemies at close rannge.
Alien weapons
KRAW This is the primary weapon of the Regents wearing blue armor, it fires blue projectiles and has decent

damage. It needs to be vented after some time

Railgun This is the most powerful weapon in the game, but without using precision aiming, it has very low accuracy with hip fire, but it has got a very big range and damage. The sight looks strange - but it is useful. It has a few seconds of hesitation upon firing. Upon aiming at the target and starting to shoot, an orange circle appear and move towards the centre, leaving red dots on the way. Only when the circle meet the triangle at the centre to form a triangular-shaped sight than the Railgun can be fired. This delay in firing effectively removes quick-scoping. Note that this same delay does not occur when used during (the poorly accurate) hip fire mode. The Railgun is the primary weapon of Regents Commanders (wearing gold armour).
C4 explosive In this game, these need to be picked up around a mission map to destroy a VIP buliding
Grenades The player starts with 4-5 grenades at the beginning of a mission
Beacon Used to call in support from vessels
Alien explosive Only seen in mission 2, they seemed to be C4s picked up by aliens.
USS Ronald Reagan Armed with fighter-bomber aircraft. Unusable USS John Quincy Adams Armed with gun batteries, torpedoes and missiles
USS Missouri Armed with three gun batteries USS Yukon Armed with gun batteries, torpedoes and missiles
USS Chesapeake Armed with gun batteries, torpedoes and missiles USS Laredo Armed with torpedoes and cruise missiles

The human ships at sea are the Nimitz-class carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76), Iowa-class battleship USS Missouri (BB-63), fictional Ticonderoga-class cruiser USS Yukon, fictional Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS John Quincy Adams, fictional Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate USS Chesapeake, and fictional Virginia-class submarine USS Laredo.

Nintendo Versions[]

The Nintendo versions are played by TBS instead of FPS. They are also developed by Magic Pockets.


  • Lieutenant Commander Danny Hunter - 1-square unit specialis
    • Skills:
      • 1 square units +1 speed
      • 1 square units +1 vision
      • 1 square units +20% defense
Special Move: Lightning Strike
  • Harbors can drop all units
  • 1 square units +2 speed
  • 1 square units +2 vision
  • 1 square units +30% defense
  • 1 square units +30% damage

  • Lieutenant Frank Road - 4-square unit specialist
  • 4 square units +20% damage
Special Move: Brute Force
  • 4 square units +20% defense
  • 4 square units can play twice

  • Captain Noland - Long range attacker specialist
  • Ranged shots +1 range
  • Ranged shots +20% damage
Special Move: Apocalypse
  • Ranged units can play twice
  • Ranged shots +2 range
  • Ranged shots +30 damage

  • Captain Umiko Hirosue - Vision specialist
  • +1 vision
  • +20% defense against long-ranged attacks
Special Move: 6th Sense
  • Clear fog around enemies
  • Half of the enemy fleet gets jammed and cannot play this turn

  • Lieutenant Elena Chavez - Repairs specialist
  • +20% ammo
  • +20% gas
  • Repairing units +20%% energy
Special Move: As Good As New
  • Refill full ammo
  • Refill full gas
  • 1 square units +30% energy
  • 4 square units +20% energy
  • 9 square units +10% energy

  • Admiral Allan Mason - Duel and attack specialist
  • +1 damage zone
  • +20% defense in Duel!
Special Move: Eagle Eye
  • +2 damage zone
  • +20% defend in Duel!
  • Unlimited Duel! actions
  • Visible enemies -10% energy

List of Player's ships[]

  • Light Cruiser - Can bring decent damage, even to big units.
  • Corvette - Most powerful 1-square unit.
  • Inflatable Boat - Can control Harbors and Buoys but very weak.
  • Patrol Boat - Has a large area of vision and can counter-attack.
  • Frigate - Can deliver a range of far attacks but weaker when close.
  • Supply Boat - Delivers extra fuel and ammo to other ships.
  • Repair Boat - Repairs other ships.
  • Destroyer - Delivers a very high range of far attacks but can't attack any close unit.
  • Submarine - Can move under other ships and wrecked ships.
  • Nuclear sub - A more powerful version of the submarine.
  • Harbor - Not considered a ship but can deploy reinforcements and supply ships.
  • Tsunami Buoy - Can reveal a large are of vision and reveals the whole map when all of them are controlled.
  • Aircraft Carrier - Carries aircraft and inflatable boats and has a wide range of attack and can take damage.
  • Heavy Cruiser - The most powerful close range attack unit and can take damage.
  • Aircraft - Can fly above anything and can deliver decent damage.
  • USS Missouri - A museum ship that has been reactivated and can overpower the Flagship.

List of Enemy Ships[]

  • Seeker - Seems to be a patrol boat unit.
  • Piercer - Delivers damage to close units.
  • Archer - Can deliver long range attacks.
  • Tackler - Can deliver damage to far range attackers and submarines.
  • Stinger Orca - Delivers amounts of damage to close units.
  • Fixer - Repairs ships and can still attack.
  • Stinger Manta - A troop carrier that can deliver long range shots.
  • Stinger Ballista - Can deliver long range attacks but weak against nearby ships.
  • Moray Sub - A submarine-like ship that can ambush from behind.
  • Kraken - A 9-square ship that has a long range of attacks.
  • Alien Base - A building that blocks the use of aircraft
  • Turret - A long range gun that can be either captured by inflatable boats or destroyed.
  • Wrecked Ship - A shipwreck that can block ships but can be destroyed or passed through by submarines or aircraft.
  • Flagship - The strongest possible unit that has an impressive firepower and vision



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