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Cal Zapata
Cal Zapata
Portrayed by
Hamish Linklater

Cal Zapata is a scientist working in O'ahu, Hawaii together with Danny, Cal's Jr. Tech. At their station, they were caught by the aliens where Cal was able to escape and Danny was killed back there. He found Mick and Sam calling for help. He warned them about the alien plan to use the transmitter to send a signal. After learning that a piece of equipment that Cal had left back to their station could get the radio working, Mick forced him to go back and get it. With the equipment, the three were able to get the radio working and Mick contacted the destroyer John Paul Jones. After witnessing that the aliens destroyed the John Paul Jones, Mick and Sam drove the jeep through the cables connecting the alien equipment and the NASA array and Cal chose to stay behind. Mick and Sam were able to hit the cables connecting the alien equipment and the NASA array. Mick then fought an alien coming after them but he was knocked down and nearly killed by the alien. Fortunately, Cal arrived and hit the alien by his briefcase. Mick then strangled the alien to death. The three made it to safety before the battleship Missouri fired a shell into the alien equipment, destroying it and the NASA array. After everything was over, Cal attended the award ceremony.