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The Lurker as it appears in the game

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The Lurker in the enemy info screen

The Lurker is a type of Garenonian vessel featured in the Battleship movie and video game. 

In the Game:[]

Lurkers are alien submarines and one of the two types in the game. They move more like the conventional human submarine and they sit low in the water when on surface. The Lurkers' weaponary are alien torpedo's, laser based missles and they can launch two mini shredders at the player on land if they control a support square.

In the Movie:[]

In the battleship movie, the Lurker was the communication ship of the fleet in charge to transmit the signal to the home planet of Garenon in case the earth turned out to be a valid planet to colonize. It suddenly crashes into a NASA satellite and the resulting damage causes an explosion that destroys and guts the central part and tail of the Lurker, including the large antenna on its back similar to a fin.

The debris and the remaining hull falls towards the city of Hong Kong, causing the Bank of China Tower to collapse before the flaming mass of the ship crashes into Victoria Harbour, in front of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Later on the Chinese government examines the wreck and comes to the conclusion that the material they are composed of is not present on the periodic table, therefore it is an alien material, coming from another planet.

Debris landed in Iowa, France, Germany and the Northern Highlands, Scotland. Only two Regents survived the crash, a Commander that was found by the John Paul Jones among debris, that was rescued by it’s comrades and a individual in a pod which landed in Scotland, that was found and opened by school boys and a handyman.


  • The Lurker's real aspect is actually unknown as the movie doesn't give a clear image of the ship. An early concept shows it as a very long version of the stingers, similar in looking with an antenna and covered in protrusions, but a frame in the crash scene makes the muzzle slightly visible and confirms the similarity with the game model.
  • The Lurker's design is identical to the one of the Archer, but it doesn't feature wings, stabilizing fins or other complements.
  • The Lurker, along with the Striker, is the only support ship in the regent fleet able to launch shredder drones, stored and fired from the large and sofisticated fin-like antenna on the rear.