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Radar Mission is a game for the Nintendo Game Boy that was released in 1990.


There are two modes, Game A and Game B.

Game A[]

This mode is much like Battleship. The only major differences is that it has a storyline, and that there are Near Misses and Lucky Shots. If a Near Miss occours, a sound is made. If a Lucky Shot occours, a white star gives you the chance to pick five spaces, and when a black star appears, if you hit a ship, the ship along with any other ships is instantly destroyed.

Game B[]

This mode allows the player to set up his/her own submarine with extra Prop Speed, shoot Twin Shots, and/or equip a Power Sonar, before battling other ships. The player moves slowly when above the ocean, but moves faster when above water. Players use radar to find the enemies and allies, only when underwater. They use the B Button to shoot the enemy's submarine with a machine gun, an the player uses the A Button to send out torpedoes at all ships. When the player destroys every ship but the enemy's submarine or just destroys the enemy's submarine itself, he/she wins the game.