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The alien flagship as it appears in the video game

The alien Mother ship or Flagship was the central command vessel in the alien Regents five ship scout fleet. It is the largest and most powerful of the five alien ships.
Battleship film SS 79

The Missouri battling the alien flagship

Weapons and abilities:Edit

The flagship like the Stingers' is capable of interstellar space travel but designed to be used in water. During the travel to earth when all five ships were attached to each other while traveling through deep space, the flagship appeared at the center of the formation. The flagship is the ship equipped with a forcefield generator which appear as square shaped dish like structures sitting on the ships stern. The dishes can create a large dome shaped force field complete with artificial storm clouds that can seal off a region keeping anyone or anything from entering or leaving that region. The flagship was armed with four side mounted heavy explosive peg launchers which can be used when in surface mode. The mother ship was also the ship that creates and launchs the Shredder drones from the top of a tower like structure that can retract inside the the ship. The sides of the structure was also where the Regents transport ships are docked.


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