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The alien flagship as it appears in the video game

The Mothership or Flagship was the central command vessel in the garenonian Regents five ship scout fleet. It is the largest and most powerful of the five alien ships.

Battleship film SS 79

The Missouri battling the alien flagship

In the Game:[]

The Flagship is an alien vessel and the final boss in the game. It is the strongest enemy and it's armed with 4 packs of explosive peg missiles launchers mounted on the sides. If it controls a support square, it can also launch Shredder drones at the player on land.

In the Movie:[]

The Flagship, like the Stingers, is capable of interstellar space travel but designed to be used in water. During the travel to earth when all five ships were attached to each other while traveling through deep space, the flagship appeared at the center of the formation. The flagship is the ship equipped with two forcefield generators shaped in square dish-like structures sitting on the ship's stern. The dishes can create a large force field dome complete with artificial storm clouds that can seal off a region keeping anyone or anything from entering or leaving that region while also disrupting communications making remote control and long-distance contact next to impossible. The Flagship's armament is far superior and more various to any other alien ship's, featuring a high quantity of heavy peg launchers, plasma cannons and other laser-based turrets for lighter support, though other more powerful weapons are possibly present.