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The Regents (also unofficially known as "Garinonian Regents") are advanced space-faring alien species and the main antagonists in the Battleship film and video game

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A Regent Thug


A Regent squad on patrol

Physical Characteristics[]

The Regents came from a newly discovered extrasolar planet named Planet G by NASA scientists. When NASA sent out a signal to the planet, five Regent ships arrived in response. One of which collided with a satellite and crashed in Hong Kong. In appearance, the Regents have ape-like characteristics, such as their faces, hands, and bodies being light brown and looking roughly humanoid. They also possess lizard-like eyes and feet. They wear special metal space suits that are color-coded to represent different ranks. Other Regents are cyborgs built with heavy-armored suits and inbuilt weaponry. Regents are possibly amphibians, and their homeworld is likely to be a water planet with a small amount of land, as much of their technology, such as their Stingers, are focused on being adaptable to water.


Unlike other alien species from other movies, the Regents are not shown to be entirely cold and ruthless towards humanity because they almost look human and are not seen as an immediate threat. Why exactly is never fully explained, though a possible explanation is so they can avoid as few casualties as possible. If scanned objects get green on their HUD, it means they are unarmed and not a threat. They ignore them, and if they get red, which means they are armed and ready to attack (for example, when a ship is pointing guns at them) or if an immediate action must take place (for example, when one of the Regent captains or high ranked being turning red on the HUD) They are shown to have their own personalities; some are obedient and logical to orders, while others are curious and harmless.

When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, the Regent Thugs are quick and aggressive. The Regents are shown to be sensitive to sunlight or any form of bright light, and if their eyes are exposed to continuous beams of sunlight, it can leave them half-blind and vulnerable. This could indicate that either they're a nocturnal species, or their home planet has a different, but similar atmospheric makeup to Earth, due to them requiring the use of the helmets while in direct sunlight, but still being able to breath without the use of them.


The Regents are shown to be a powerful and more advanced species as they possess spaceships that can take them from one star system to another, plus many other advances, including heavy armor, cybernetics, robotics, energy weapons, advanced scanners, and even the ability to disrupt electromagnetic waves.

Types of Garinonian Regents[]

The Regents come in four different types, both in the movie and in the video game. Their functions are different between the movie and the game.

Blue Unit:[]

The most basic soldiers in the Regents' ground forces. In the movie, they were unarmed and acted mainly as workers, scientists, and technicians when setting up equipment or studying the Earth. In the game, they were armed with KRAWs, a laser based rapid firing machine gun that fired a “plasmachinegun” spread of blue laser pulses. They were the most common enemy faced by the players on land.

Gold Officer:[]

The leading Regents are those who give out orders and lead squads on patrol. In the movie, they were unarmed and never directly fought the humans, unlike the Thugs. One commander was captured by the crew of the John Paul Jones but was rescued by a team of thugs. In the game, as well as leading the troops, commanders were armed with alien railguns, a long-range heavy weapon that can be used to snipe enemies from a distance.


The special forces and heavy infantry units in the Regents' ground forces These are large, muscular beasts enhanced with cybernetics and heavy armor, which makes them the toughest of the Regents' troops. They were incredibly strong, and their heavy armor made them invulnerable to rifles and resistant to physical attacks.

Their whole right arm (possibly amputated) could transform into multiple different tools and weapons for different tasks. Because of their strength and abilities, the thugs were the ones doing the dirty and dangerous work. Like an extra terrestrial Spetsnaz. whether it would be guarding an outpost, committing rescue missions, or sabotage.

In the game, they attack the players up close by charging at them, leaping up, and slicing them to death with their multipurpose claws.

Spaceship Crewman:[]

Briefly seen in the movie, these aliens pilot the Regent spaceships. They wear simple black suits and don't wear any helmets, unlike the troops, as the ships provide them with darkened protection against sunlight. And also have a mark or rank determination signature vertically going over their left eye.


As shown here, Thugs and other Regents can be seen