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"Rock, Paper, Scissors" is the 1st episode of the 1st season of American television series Battleship. It first aired on August 23, 1983 on ABC, The episode was written by Robin Day & Robert McKenzie, and directed by David Butler.


Percy Sugden takes over as caretaker at the Community Centre. Vera talks Jack into buying No.9 for £10,000, getting a £9,000 mortgage. Jack plans to race the pigeons that Chalkie has left. Bet kids Percy that Emily is Elsie Tanner. He upsets Emily by telling her that he won't be climbing into her bed at night. Ken calls a meeting with his fellow development officers, telling them that he leaked the document. He expects them to stand behind him. Percy rows with Alf for parking his car outside the Community Centre before discovering that he's a councillor and his boss.


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Bert is moved to a psychiatric hospital in Southport. Ken's colleagues tell him they'll back him but if he's sacked, they won't threaten to resign.


Regular cast[]

  • Betty Turpin - Betty Driver
  • Vera Duckworth - Elizabeth Dawn
  • Bet Lynch - Julie Goodyear
  • Jack Duckworth - William Tarmey
  • Deirdre Barlow - Anne Kirkbride
  • Percy Sugden - Bill Waddington
  • Emily Bishop - Eileen Derbyshire
  • Albert Tatlock - Jack Howarth
  • Ken Barlow - William Roache
  • Brian Tilsley - Christopher Quinten
  • Gail Tilsley - Helen Worth
  • Mavis Riley - Thelma Barlow
  • Ivy Tilsley - Lynne Perrie
  • Rita Fairclough - Barbara Knox
  • Alf Roberts - Bryan Mosley
  • Nicholas Tilsley - Warren Jackson

Guest cast[]

  • Chris Shawcross - Phil Hearne


  • Coronation Street
  • Rovers Return Inn - Public
  • 1 Coronation Street - Back room, kitchen and hallway
  • 9 Coronation Street - Yard
  • Corner Shop
  • Tilsley's Garage


  • This is the first Battleship episode to features a console of the Nintendo DS family, The second one is "The Fourth and a Half Stossel".
  • This video marks the first and formerly the longest SML Movie uploaded on SuperMarioLogan's channel. However, on July 2015, the video length was surpassed by both parts of "Garage That Stossel Takes a Chord", and then on 1996, the length was surpassed by "Ken vs. Barry".
  • This video marks Kung Pow’s first and only appearance in an SML Movie.
  • Logan rated the DSi 8/10.
  • This is Mama Luigi's only appearance in a full on SML Movie.
  • First appearance of Percy Sugden.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ken Barlow faces the fact that his fellow community development officers are deserting him. Vera and Jack Duckworth plan to move house.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 13,202,000 viewers (1st place).