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Shredder 4

The Shredder Drones are a type of alien weapon used by the alien Regents in the movie and in the console version of the video game. 

Attacks and abilities:[]

The Shredders are described as being razor-sharp multi-directional chainsaws wrapped around a truck-sized sphere. They are launched from the alien flagship and can be programed to attack specific targets. In addition to destroying enemy shipping, the Regents frequently use them to attack targets on land in order to cause chaos, disruption, and cut off means of reinforcement. Shredders can glide through the air and hurtle across land at very high speeds, smashing anything in their path. Shredders can even unreel some of their razor-sharp chainsaw blades to slice apart objects. One shredder used this ability to slice the tail off an ascending helicopter when the shredder failed to crash through it. When all of their objectives are completed, the shredders self-destruct.

In the battleship video game, the shredders appear smaller than in the movie, only slightly bigger than a football. They also appear more often on land and they attack by rolling towards the player and exploding. The player can counter this by shooting and blowing up the shredders before they get too close. They even appear in two types, red ones and blue ones. The red ones attack straight away the moment they appear, whereas the blue ones hide in the ground and form a minefield, only attacking if the player walks near them.