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The Skimmer as it appears in the game

The Skimmer is a type of garenonian vessel that appears in the battleship movie video game. They serve as the most common enemy vessel in the game.

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The skimmer in the enemy info screen

In the Game:[]

Skimmers are slightly smaller and more basic than the other stingers and serve as the most common enemy vessel in the game. Theyhave a few visual features similar to the Stingers, but they move more like human ships. Skimmers are designed as fast attack craft, being the quickest of the alien ships, and they are armed with four explosive peg launchers for sea action, and if a Skimmer controls a support square, then they fire explosive peg strikes at the player on land.

In the Movie:[]

The Skimmer appears in the battleship movie as the ship with orange lights. It's crew focused aggressively on the three human ships, being able to handle two of the three ships and maintaining a position of superiority despite being one vs two. It's weapons obliterated with destructive ferocity a great part of the RIMPAC crew aboard the JS Myoko and the USS Sampson, both blown up to pieces. When the mild but powerful ship, along with the Archer, faced the USS John Paul Johnes in a nighttime duel against the Striker. It was overwhelmed and destroyed by a perfect timed-launch of balistic missiles.


Apparently, the Skimmers wings are able to retract inside the body. This seems to be thanks the wing structure being formed of two distinct pieces of different diameter allowing one half to retire inside the other, of equal length, much like a piston. Such feature also facilitates interstellar travel, transportation and docking thanks to the decreasing of the ship's volume.