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Not to be confused with the Alien Stingers, a page of the same name describing the alien vessels or the Skimmer, an alien ship with a slightly similar appearance.


The stinger is a type of garenonian vessel that appeared in the 2012 Battleship Movie and the Battleship Video game.




The Stinger has a similar appearance to the Skimmer but with some slightly different details. The Stinger has two pairs of sharp, finger-like appendages, along with 2 big, slabs that can be rotated via motor (it is not known what these are meant for yet), which comes with a lightbulb that emits a bright pastel orange light. All of which seem to be attached to a railing system that allows these things to move (presumably via wheels). The Stinger has a windshield (which obviously blocks sunlight) which is possibly the cockpit or observation deck. This allows the Regents to see what is going on in front of the ship and to decide if whether they should take action or not.

The ship has several antennas on top of its hull, vents that are probably used for releasing excess water, a wing system that can extend in and out to allow it to jump different heights and distances, bulges of different sizes above the hull which can open up and reveal weaponry and can fire pegs onto hostile targets, and several wedge-shaped slabs that can reposition themselves around the ship. It also features two structures on both sides that are shaped like shields that can open up to reveal the Stinger's sonic-boom cannon that fires a shockwave which is loud enough to break glass.

Under the ship is a bunch of suction hoses that are used to suck in water for the operators onboard (to survive) and to power the ship, 4 pairs of trapdoors that can open up every time the Stinger makes a jump and will start to close as it begins to land. And a hexagonal-shaped bulge which is presumably another observation deck.


The Stinger does not have an interior, but possibly has an interior similar to that of the Mothership's.

In the game:[]

The Stinger is a powerful alien vessel