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The Striker as it appears in the game

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The Striker in the enemy info screen

The Striker is a type of garenonian vessel featured in the battleship movie and video game.

In the Game:[]

The Striker is a strong, steady support ship that protects weaker alien ships like the Skimmer while simultaneously firing at targets on land. Its weaponry consists of 4 explosive peg launchers, 2 long-range plasma cannons, and if they control a support square, then the Striker will launch mini-shredder mines at the player on land, creating a minefield the player must avoid.

In the Movie:[]

In the movie the Striker appears with blue-cyan colored lights. It was destroyed at the sunrise by the USS John Paul Johnes after Alex Hopper and Captain Nagata had fired with sniper rifles at the light-filtering windows of the ship's bridge, allowing ithe sunlight to get inside and blinding the regent aliens on the bridge, thus preventing them to operate and firing everything the USS John Paul Johnes had in it's armament against the Striker.

The Striker was also responsible for the destruction of the USS John Paul Johnes when it fired two shredder drones from the still intact tower, right after the human ship blew up the regent vessel.

The ship's structure consists of a broad, flat thorax, a thin tail and an aerodynamic muzzle. The two main "wings" for the jump are wide and oriented forward, while two other needle-like wings behind the first ones are oriented towards the rear. These two additional wings probably serve to give greater stability to the striker when making the jump, preventing the unbalancing and allowing the ship to perform a longer and more boosted jump.


  • The Striker's locomotion systems showed the ability to perform extremely long and powerful jumps, as seen when the vessel leaps past a huge ridge.
  • The Striker, as well as the Lurker, is the only support ship in the regent fleet able to launch shredder drones, probably stored and fired from the elongated structure on the rear.