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This is Not An Exercise!

Mission No.


Mission in

Nintendo Versions

Player's Ships

3xCorvette, 2xInflatable Boat, 1x Light Cruiser, 1x Harbor


Lft. Commander Hunter

Enemy's Ships

4xSeeker, 1xStinger Orca


Alien Officer

This Is Not An Exercise is the 2nd mission of the Nintendo version of Battleship: The Video Game.


After identifying the strange ship, Captain Noland dubs it as the Stinger Orca and sends Commander Hunter to destroy it


Lft. Frank Road asks Hunter what the strange ship is. Danny replys he doesn't know and commands an officer to contact a nearby harbor. The harbor says that they have a Light Cruiser ready to sail but they'll have to get it from them. The fleet encounters a fleet of Seekers. After a brief fight with the Seekers, the fleet manages to reach the harbor and deploy the Light Cruiser. Shortly before the battle, Captain Noland teaches Hunter how to use the 'Duel!' option and engages the alien ship. The Light Cruiser manages to destroy the ship and Danny tries to inform the Captain but loses contact with him. Shortly after that, a strange ray erupts from the ocean and forms an impenetrable force field dome around the Hawaiian islands.